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C2 Attack Beach 2020... great group of athletes.

Top Row Left to Right:
Coach Meg Buchanan, Caleb Steves, Sam Lane, Gabe Risolvato, Thomas Caldwell, Gavin Blanchette, Caleb Blanchette, Jacob Miller, Dany Saweres, Beckham Bare, Freddy Sawares, Scottee McDaniel, Coach Cullum Miller      

Middle Row Left to Right:
Coach Saidee McDaniel, Isabella Shaw, Anna Risolvato, Everly Goodwin, Ella Segerson, Rylee McDaniel, Ally Hobbs, Kinley Holl, Sammie Crownover, Avery Taylor, Kenna Wyatt, Charlsie Reynolds, Ellee McDaniel, Emily Yu, Avery Wilson, Sloan Jenkins, Coach Brian Hogg

Bottom Row Left to Right:
Coach Crissy McDaniel, Cheyenne Raymer, Ella Reynolds, Katharine Scruggs, Emillie Dwyer, Emma Titus, Taylor Sykes, Paige Griner, Cami Klein, Lily Pfeiffer, Madison Mullen, Josie Whelan, Leah Creasman, Neyland Yeagar

Front & Center:
Charlee McDaniel, Kenadie Holl

Missing from C2 2020 Team Beach Picture:
Callie Goodwin, Claire Ward, Jack Gorman, Carmen Catignani, Madison "MC" Catherine, Natalie Walker, Madeline Lane, Claire Moser, Ella Morgan, Yasmin Corralejo, Kennedi Baker, Emma Divona, Katie Titus, Trinity Torres, Maya Gipson, Kaden Buchanan, Coach Chloee McDaniel, Coach Jacob Titus.  You all were missed! See you soon back on the beach!

A great BIG shout out to Matthew Pfeiffer for taking these pictures for C2 and volunteering your time to us! Great people make C2 successful... THANKS SO MUCH!

Register for C2 Beach Tournaments


** NOTE: This tournament in running in conjunction with the Vollis Beach Guardian Tournament.  If you sign up and do both you will be reimbursed your C2 tournament fee.  Sign up for the Guardian Tournament at

Check out the

USAV National Beach Tour Junior Championships Results!

Beach season has been extended!!

We are are extending our beach season with a "drop in system" that will go month to month.  The cost is $20 per practice or $100 for the whole month.  There are limited times and dates but you may attend one or all.  (there are no refunds for inclement weather).  Check out our calendar for the full list of practices dates and times.  

If you are new and would like to take advantage of this amazing deal please fill out the C2 Beach Registration and make sure you use the "covid19" discount code to get your registration FREE!


2020 C2 Attack Beach INFO

  •  EVERYONE fills out a C2 Beach 2020 Registration form
  •  Requires USAV & AVP America Memberships
  • Divisions: 12U-18U (9+ yrs old girls & boys) all skill levels welcome
  • Practices: 2 offered @ each branch, plus T & Th AM training days @ Centennial Park or Rockland Park, you can attend as many practices as you can
  • EVERYONE MAKES C2 Beach, You DO NOT need a partner!
  • DO NOT have to play in a bathing suit!
  • C2 will host 3 local beach tournaments in Murfreesboro, TN @ SportsCom and Nashville @ Centennial Park 

2020 C2 Beach Coaches 

  • Director/Coach Cullum Miller - played prefessionally on the AVP, USA Beach/Indoor Impact Certified, Indoor CAP I, Beach CAP 1I& II Certified, 28 yrs of beach and indoor experience 
  • Director Coach Crissy McDaniel - USA Beach/Indoor Impact Certified, Indoor CAP 1 certified, Beach CAP I & II certified, 20 yrs coaching experience
  • East Director/Coach Meg Buchanan – Beach/Indoor Impact certified, Head Coach C2 15 Blue SMACK, Beach Cap 1 certified
  • CoachChrisHarman - playedbeachforover25years,Indoor/BeachImpact certified, coaches indoor and beach for C
  • Coach/Director Brian Hogg –USAV #1 18U Boys player, Cumberland U Men’s Vball Team & Captain, C2 15 Blue SMACK Asst. coach, C2 Boys coach
  • Saidee McDaniel –2015 USAV 18U Champion, Maryville College Graduateplays RS/Setter
  • Hailee McDaniel –2nd year Impact Indoor/beach C2 Coach and 3-year beach player
  • Chloee McDaniel –2018 VA Jr Beach Champion, Missouri State Div 1 full ride Beach Scholarship, Top Pair, Trevecca University DII 2019-2020
  • Mason Chambers –2017 C2 Boys team, 2018-2020 Cumberland University Men’s Vball
  • Pro-Trainer Del Bennett –Elite Personal Trainer –Boot Camp

C2 Beach Achievements

C2 has established the C2 VBC name in 10 states from California to Florida

C2’s Jacob Miller was USAV #1 ranked in 2017 16U player

C2 has 9 boys ranked in the top 10 of their age division in the USA in 2017

C2’s Jacob Titus was selected A1 USA HP Beach athlete 2016-2018

C2’s Chloee McDaniel finished 5th 16U, 2016 USAV JBT & ROX Nat. Championships

C2’s 1st Division I Beach player: Chloee McDaniel playing at Missouri State

C2’s Gavin Blanchette earned the USA #1 ranking in the 14U Beach Division 2017

C2’s Jacob Miller & Peyton Young 1st 18U ROX National Championships 2017

C2’s Christian Lester 2nd 18U ROX National Championships 2017

C2’s Brian Hogg was USAV #1 ranked in 2017 18U player

C2’s Gavin Blanchette & Tate Colebaugh won ROX VB Natln’ Championships 2017

➢ C2 has the most experienced coaching staff with the highest credentials in TN

C2 is the only beach club in TN to host USAV NATIONAL BID QUALIFIERS

C2’s Gavin Blanchette places 3rd in the AVP 1st in Hermosa, Ca 14U

C2’s Caleb Blanchette places 1st in the AVP 1st in Hermosa, Ca 12 U

C2’s Chloee McDaniel 18U Gold VA National Champion

C2’s Chloee McDaniel full ride to Missouri State to play DIV1 Beach Vball

C2’s Jacob Titus USA HP trained to represent USA in China & Thailand

C2’s Jacob Titus Lincoln Memorial Men’s Vball team

C2’s Brain Hogg Cumberland University Men’s Vball team

Jacob Miller and Peyton Young - 18U Champions of Gulf Coast Beach Fest

Gavin Blanchette and Tate Colebaugh - 16U Runner Up in the Gulf Coast Beach Fest

➢ Jacob Miller and Thomas Hurst finish 3rd in the USA JBT National Championship

➢ Caleb Blanchette finished 2nd in the U15 USA HP Championship

Gavin Blanchette finished 3rd in the U17 USA HP Championship

Paige Griner/Kenna Wyatt finished 5th in 14U East Coast AVP National Championships, NJ

The Goat in Mt Juliet is a proud partner of C2 Beach! Sign up for adult sand volleyball leagues by clicking below.

20 Reasons Why You Should Play Beach Volleyball

  • Psychological Break - Fun, relaxed environment, no subs, no coaches, part of each rally
  • Injury Recovery - Less strenuous on shoulder, knee, ankle, back & soft sand
  • Physical Conditioning - Aerobic fitness, anaerobic lactic system, jump & core strength
  • Ball Contacts - Keep skills sharp, play every rally, more practice contacts
  • Develop Mental Toughness - Strength minimized, weaknesses magnified, focus & self control
  • Improve Weaker Skills - Ball control, serve receive & defense
  • Defense - Reading the play, reacting to the ball, pursuit & attitude
  • Improvisation - Broken play, abnormal conditions, & develop creativity
  • Court Awareness - Ball and non ball cues & spatial awareness
  • One on One Blocking - Game plan, deception, vision & decision making
  • Pull Self Out of Tank - No subs, refocusing, simplifying techniques, execution under pressure
  • Pull Partner Out of Tank - No subs, supportive, non verbal communication
  • Mediation - Must work things out, listening skills, communication, objective assessment
  • Decision Making Skills - Block, no block, hit/shot, hand set/forearm set, depart from strategy
  • Transition - Next responsibility, consecutive skill execution
  • Self Reliance - Nutrition, sunscreen, shelter, hydration, travel, schedule
  • Communication - Verbal, non-verbal, hand signals
  • Team Work Skills - Trust, sharing responsibility, working together
  • High Performance Opportunities - College scholarship, national team, national tours, FIVB world tour, Olympics

- Thanks to Empowered VBC