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C2 beach athletes and coaches pose in front of Nashville's Centennial Park parthenon

2022 C2 Beach Coaches and Players

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There is NO BENCH in beach.  Everyone makes the Beach Team!

Check out the 2023 C2 Beach Informational Powerpoint below



C2 Beach Opening Nights:

Location: Moss Wright Park (MWP) in Goodlettsville


These practices are FREE! Open Nights are just evenings that athletes can come participate to try out C2 beach practices!

Even if you don’t choose to participate throughout the summer, please come try out beach to find out if you LOVE it like we do!!




5th & 6th, 12th & 13th, 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th

  • Free Opening Night practices

  • No commitment required, just come try it!

  • These are for everyone, ages 10-18, boys and girls


C2 Beach Summer Practices:



Moss Wright Park Location 

Tuesdays & Thursdays, May 2nd through July 13th

  • TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS, 5:30pm-7:30pm (all levels)


  • 745 Caldwell Dr, Goodlettsville, TN 37072


East Branch 

May 1st- May 22nd-  Mondays

Mondays 5:30-7:30pm

June 5th-July 13th - Mondays and Wednesdays

Monday 4:00-6:00pm

Wednesdays 8:00am-10:00am

Connect Church, 14500 Central Pike  Mt Juliet, TN 37122




*Remember you can go to any branch to practice - this is your schedule!

AVP Membership Instructions

Below are the instructions on how to sign your player up for a AVP membership.  You will need to purchase the silver membership for your athlete. 

PARENTS of new players (never had a AVP membership) following the directions below.

You will go to

If your child is under 18 years old, in order to protect them, the AVP requires their account to be managed by a parent or guardian.  The AVP offers free memberships for this exact reason so please follow the below steps.

  1. Create a Basic (free) membership for yourself here.
  2. On your profile page, click the dropdown menu on the left side with your name on it, and select “Create linked account.”
  3. You are then brought to a new screen that allows you to select the member tier for your child. If your child is competing in non-bid tournaments, select Silver. If they are just competing in a league or club, select Bronze. If your child hopes to compete at Junior Nationals, East Coast Championships, or West Coast Championships, select Gold.
  4. Run through the sign-up screens as prompted, entering your child’s information.  Note: You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your own account.
  5. Follow the prompt on each page and complete a successful payment to create your child’s AVP membership.
  6. Once the child’s AVP membership is created, you will be brought back to your own AVP account and that U18 membership is successfully linked to your own account.

If your child already has a AVP membership and just needs to be updated follow the instructions below

In order to protect children under the age of 18, the AVP is now requiring all U18 accounts to have a parent/guardian account linked to it (allowing the parent/guardian account to manage and pay for the child’s online account). Please follow the below steps to resolve this.

  1. A parent/guardian must have their own AVP account first.  If the parent/guardian doesn’t have an account yet or doesn’t want to pay for their own membership, they can create a Basic (free) membership here.
  2. Once the parent/guardian account is created (could be a Basic membership OR any paying membership tier), log-in to your account.  On your profile page, click the dropdown menu on the left side with your name on it, and select, “Link an existing account.”
  3. You are then brought to a new screen where you are required to input the U18 account’s Member ID, Date of Birth, and Zip Code. Upon successful entry, you will then be required to answer the U18 account’s security question. If answered correctly, you will have successfully claimed this U18 account and linked them to your own account.  If you get an error that the U18 account has not completed their security questions and cannot be claimed, please see the FAQ below for further directions.
  4. Now that the U18 account is linked to your own account, you can manage, renew, and/or upgrade the U18 membership by heading to your own Linked Accounts page and clicking into their profile of the U18 account listed.

Finally here is the complete list of AVP membership FAQs

If you have any questions please contact

C2 Beach Achievements:

C2 has the most successful Boys Beach Program in the Nation.

C2 has 12 former and current USA HP Beach Players with Jacob Titus representing USA in China and Thailand in the U19 and U21 World Championships

C2 in 2020 had 3 National Championship teams, 4 Runner-Up and two 3rd places finishes in the USA Beach National Championship and AVPAmerica National Championship in the 12U Boys, 14U Boys, 16U Boys, and 18U Boys, and 14U Girls Divisions.

Currently, both Jacob Titus (former C2 athlete and coach) and Chloee McDaniel (former C2 athlete, current C2 coach) are pursuing masters degrees as collegiate beach athletes!

C2 has had 5 boys ranked number 1 nationally in USA Beach rankings with 10 others C2 boys ranked in the top 10.

2022 Results:
AVP Junior National Championship 16u winners: Caleb Blanchette and Jackson Herbert

USAV Junior National Championship 18u winners: Zadyn LaBreche and Ayden Keeter


2020 Results:

  • C2’s Kaden Buchanan & Sam Dicken 2nd in 12U Boys USAV Beach Jr Nationals
  • C2’s Caleb Blanchette & Harrison Girard 1st in 14U Boys USAV Beach Jr Nationals & AVPAMERICA NATIONALS
  • C2’s Gavin Blanchette & Tate Colebaugh 1st in 16U Boys USAV Beach Jr Nationals & 2nd in AVPAMERICA Nationals
  • C2’s Jacob Miller & Dominic Hagerty 2nd 18U Boys AVPAMERICA & 3rd in USAV Beach Jr Nationals
  • C2’s Nate Arnold & Tomas 1st in the 14U Boys Gold AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • C2’s Scottee McDaniel & George Stevens 14U Boys Gold 3rd place AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • Caleb Blanchette & Harrison Girard 18U Boys Gold tied for 5th AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • Asa LeBreche & Zadyn LeBreche 18U Boys Gold tied for 5th AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • Tate Colebaugh & Jackson Arnold 18U Boys tied for 5th AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • Thomas Hurst & Boone Felts 18U Boys tied for 3rd AVPAMERICA East Coast Championships
  • Paige Griner & Cami Klein 16U Girls 2nd Place AVP America National Champions.
  • C2’s Thomas Hurst, Gavin Blanchette, Caleb Blanchette, Asa Lebreche, & K2’s Boone Felts win the A DIV @ Fall FUDS 2020

2015-2019 Results:

  • C2 has established the C2 VBC name in 10 states from California to Florida
  • C2’s Jacob Miller was USAV #1 ranked in 2017 16U player
  • C2 has 9 boys ranked in the top 10 of their age division in the USA in 2017
  • C2’s Jacob Titus was selected A1 USA HP Beach athlete 2016-2018
  • C2’s Chloee McDaniel finished 5th 16U, 2016 USAV JBT & ROX Nat. Championships
  • C2’s 1st Division I Beach player: Chloee McDaniel playing at Missouri State
  • C2’s Gavin Blanchette earned the USA #1 ranking in the 14U Beach Division 2017
  • C2’s Jacob Miller & Peyton Young 1st 18U ROX National Championships 2017
  • C2’s Brian Hogg was USAV #1 ranked in 2017 18U player
  • C2’s Gavin Blanchette & Tate Colebaugh won ROX VB Natln’ Championships 2017
  • C2 has the most experienced coaching staff with the highest credentials in TN
  • C2 is the only beach club in TN to host USAV NATIONAL BID QUALIFIERS
  • C2’s Gavin Blanchette places 3rd in the AVP 1st in Hermosa, Ca 14U
  • C2’s Caleb Blanchette places 1st in the AVP 1st in Hermosa, Ca 12 U
  • C2’s Chloee McDaniel 18U Gold VA National Champion
  • C2’s Chloee McDaniel full ride to Missouri State to play DIV1 Beach Vball
  • C2’s Jacob Titus USA HP trained to represent USA in China & Thailand
  • C2’s Jacob Titus Lincoln Memorial Men’s Vball team
  • C2’s Brain Hogg Cumberland University Men’s Vball team
  • Jacob Miller and Peyton Young - 18U Champions of Gulf Coast Beach Fest
  • Gavin Blanchette and Tate Colebaugh - 16U Runner Up in the Gulf Coast Beach Fest
  • Jacob Miller and Thomas Hurst finish 3rd in the USA JBT National Championship
  • Caleb Blanchette finished 2nd in the U15 USA HP Championship
  • Gavin Blanchette finished 3rd in the U17 USA HP Championship
  • Paige Griner/Kenna Wyatt finished 5th in 14U East Coast AVP National Championships, NJ

Check out the New Beach Apparel Options 

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What Makes the Ideal Beach Partner? 

To find the “ideal” beach partner a player must first become one. The search must begin within yourself. Sometimes humility is the greatest attribute in a partnership. 

With only two people on a team, choosing the right teammate is of utmost importance in beach volleyball. Willing to learn, possessing good communication skills, being open and flexible, being accountable, and having empathy are some of the greatest attributes when being a good partner. If you demonstrate these qualities on the court, then it is only fair that your partner does the same.

 When looking for that ideal partner, REMEMBER you must keep in mind that you need to be that “ideal partner” as well.  This is essential or you will have a tough time recruiting others to partner with you. A reputation of being a poor competitor is often hard to unwind in the minds of others. 
It’s also important to note what type of partner you and other athletes are OFF the court as well as on. DO encourage others, and share with others the good about previous partners. DON’T run down partners to other people. If you talk about a partner in a negative way, future partners may not want to play with you for fear of being talked about. Make sure you are kind and positive on and off the court! Ultimately, your character is the most important factor in your ability to be a great partner to everyone.

Challenges that affect beach volleyball partnerships are physical, mental, and emotional. Chemistry on the court, however, is absolutely a key component to forging a winning partnership. Partners must be able to work well together and support each other throughout the match. If you find that you and a potential partner are simply not gelling on the court, it may be time to look elsewhere. 

According to Karch Kiraly, the legendary beach player from UCLA who also coached the women’s indoor team at the Tokyo Olympics, “All partnerships are doomed to die. Almost no partnership ever ended with neutrality and both people retiring at the same time.” 

 Powers, a one-time USC standout who joined Kiraly and Ricci Luyties as the only players to win an indoor and a beach world championship, said he partnered with everybody on the tour at one point in his career. All the player movement curbed any hard feelings. Even top players occasionally got dumped.

An ideal partner may possess a skill set that complements your playing style, and vice-versa. For example, if you are an exceptional blocker, you may want to look for a partner who is a brilliant defender in the back court. However, don’t make the mistake of choosing a partner with a glaring weakness in any of the core skills. Because there are only two players on the court, both need to be able to perform all the skills well. 

Beach partners can be successful and not necessarily be buddies. The partnering of Kent Steffes and Karch Kirlay is a fine example. They led separate lives and rarely socialized off the court, but they were the dominant team on the AVP tour during the six years they played together. 

If even the pros don’t commit to playing with one partner constantly, kids certainly shouldn’t lock down and play with only one beach partner. Try playing with many different athletes and improve your game. You’ll learn to adapt to different playing styles, as well as learn what you prefer and don’t prefer to find in a partner. 

Finding the right beach volleyball partner is a process of trial and error. In other words, you will likely find yourself teamed up with a few partners who aren’t quite a good fit. The good news is that teaming up with the wrong partner will help you find the right partner. Along the way you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t; so that when you do find the person, you’ll know. 

But the greatest lesson learned in “how to excel in beach volleyball,” is to BE someone others want to play with. If you are not bringing your best attitude with you every day to the courts, you are cheating yourself along with another individual out of the opportunity to enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership, and that is worse than any loss you will even encounter in the game.

-C2 Beach Administration

C2 Beach other Tournament Options: 

May 6th-8th Gulf Coast Region Beach Fest @Gulf Shores, AL.

July 5th-10th AVP Jr Nationals Hermosa Beach, CA.

USAV BEACH JR NATIONALS  July 26th-28th - Location (TBD)

East Coast Jr National Championships November 25th-27th,  Clear water, FL.

From April through August, look for events held at these great facilities: Rally VB in Emerson, GA @ LakePoint Sports Complex, Rally VB in Huntsville, AL, Birmingham Beach in AL, and King Louise in Louisville, KY.

YEAR ROUND, you can compete at a great indoor facility at Volleyball Beach in Ozark, Missouri!

2022 C2 Beach Coaches 

Director/Coach Cullum Miller- played professionally on the AVP, USA Beach/Indoor Impact Certified, Indoor CAP 1, Beach CAP I & II Certified, 29 years of beach and indoor experience. Coach for the 2019 USAV Boys 18U National Champions, 2020 AVPAmerica National Championship - Boys 18U Runner Up

Director/Coach Crissy McDaniel- USAV Beach/Indoor Impact Certified, Indoor CAP 1 Certified, Beach CAPI & CAP II Certified, 22 years of coaching experience. Coach of the 2020 East Coast Champions (Boys 14U Division)

East Director/Coach Meg Buchanan – Head Coach C2 15 Blue SMACK, Beach Cap 1 Certified; 

Coach/Director Brian Hogg – Beach CAP 1 Certified, C2 Beach Director Assistant, head coach for 3 years indoor/beach, USAV #1-18U Boys player, Cumberland U Men’s Vball, team & Captain, 16 Boys SMACK Head Coach. Coach of the 2020 Boys 16U USAV National Champions

Chloee McDaniel – 2018 VA Jr Beach Champion, Missouri State Div 1 full ride Beach Scholarship, Top Pair, Trevecca University DII 2019-2021

20 Reasons Why You Should Play Beach Volleyball

  • Psychological Break - Fun, relaxed environment, no subs, no coaches, part of each rally
  • Injury Recovery - Less strenuous on shoulder, knee, ankle, back & soft sand
  • Physical Conditioning - Aerobic fitness, anaerobic lactic system, jump & core strength
  • Ball Contacts - Keep skills sharp, play every rally, more practice contacts
  • Develop Mental Toughness - Strength minimized, weaknesses magnified, focus & self control
  • Improve Weaker Skills - Ball control, serve receive & defense
  • Defense - Reading the play, reacting to the ball, pursuit & attitude
  • Improvisation - Broken play, abnormal conditions, & develop creativity
  • Court Awareness - Ball and non ball cues & spatial awareness
  • One on One Blocking - Game plan, deception, vision & decision making
  • Pull Self Out of Tank - No subs, refocusing, simplifying techniques, execution under pressure
  • Pull Partner Out of Tank - No subs, supportive, non verbal communication
  • Mediation - Must work things out, listening skills, communication, objective assessment
  • Decision Making Skills - Block, no block, hit/shot, hand set/forearm set, depart from strategy
  • Transition - Next responsibility, consecutive skill execution
  • Self Reliance - Nutrition, sunscreen, shelter, hydration, travel, schedule
  • Communication - Verbal, non-verbal, hand signals
  • Team Work Skills - Trust, sharing responsibility, working together
  • High Performance Opportunities - College scholarship, national team, national tours, FIVB world tour, Olympics

- Thanks to Empowered VBC