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Welcome to C2 Attack 2019-2020  Season


Please see the Apparel page for details.


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C2 Attack Apparel

C2 Attack Sponsors

On behalf of the athletes and coaches of C2 Attack Volleyball Club, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you  to  our generous sponsors. Their assistance has offset the cost of participation for a number of athletes, and is greatly appreciated.

At this time C2 Attack has 23 indoor girls teams, 5 boys teams, and a new C2 Littles program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals to young athletes. Their sponsorship is helping us achieve our goals of growing the game and providing opportunities for competition at the highest levels. Our athletes would not be able to flourish without the support of their friends, family, and community, including our sponsors.

Thank you, again to our sponsors for your  help to make our vision for C2 Attack Volleyball Club, and our community of families a reality. We hope everyone has an opportunity to see some of our teams at work this season. Their hard work, dedication, and love of the game are inspiring!

For more information about our GREAT Sponsors  visit .  There you will find links to their websites. 

From all of us at C2, We thank you!


Congrats to our K2C2 14-1 SMACK Boys and our K2C2 16-1 SMACK Boys for their 2nd place ranking in the Nation!


Practice Facilities Locations and Tentative Schedules

Check here to see our locations and the tentative practice schedules.

Reffing Clinic Info


  1. Go to Webpoint to login to your Member Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. On the left bottom section of the page look for the Region Clinics tab and then click on Region Ref/score Clinics
  4. A list of clinics will then come up on the page. Read each description carefully for the SO Clinics you wish to take. You should only take courses "SO20 Officials Training for Coaches or So20 Junior/Parent/Work Team Training"
  5. After you register for the clinic, you will receive a confirmation email telling you that you are all signed up and can begin, including a link to the clinics. If you aren’t ready to start yet—no worries—you can log back into the clinics from the main page of your Member Account.
  6. To log in to the place where the SO Clinics can be found (after you register), just click on the “Volleyball Academy” button (on the left side) on your Member Account page. You will then be directed to the Learning Material site.
  7. You will notice that the clinic you signed up for has a SO listed in the title. This just means this is the name of the Southern clinic (all regions of USAV uses this same site).
  8. Under each SO Clinic you will find the actual modules you have to take. Each module will begin with an Introduction Slide to remind you of what you need to take. The actual modules you take are the same modules offered to everyone in USAV—which is why the course titles all begin with US.
  9. You will need to take all modules in your Learning Material site—that includes everything that begins with US.

About Us

Due to our enjoyment of Beach Volleyball and the passion our children now have for the game we want to extend this knowledge and experience to other juniors. Juniors are the future of volleyball and playing beach doubles and having to master every facet of the game, along with having an opportunity to play with adults in coed tournaments, develops their abilities and understanding at the most efficient rate. We welcome everyone to be a part of our program.

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Crissy McDaniel

Owner I Director | Coach

Phone: 615-739-3708

Cullum Miller

Owner I Director | Coach

Kristen Boatman

South Director | Coach

Phone: 615-337-9305

Meg Buchanan

East Director | Coach

Phone: 423-309-6782